We are able to cater for up to 200 guests for afternoon tea, and up to 100 guests for dinner parties.

Cup & Saucer

Tea Plate


Sugar/Cream Bowl


Milk/Cream Jug


China Cream/Custard Jug

Teapot/Coffee Pot
(5-6 cups)

Dinner/Salad Plate


Large Teacup Candelabra
(6 available)

Sandwich Plate


Jam Dish


Serving Dish


Petit Four Stand
(2 tier)

Cake Stand
(1 tier)

Cake Stand
(2 tier)

Cake Stand
(3 tier)

Crystal & Glassware

Glass Cake Stand


Glass Fruit Dish


Glass Water Jug


Glass Tumbler
(20 available)

Glass Butter Dish


Sugar Sifter


Bonbon Dish

£2.00 to £4.00

Comport Bowl


Champagne Saucer
(60 available)

Crystal Punch Bowl
(with ladle)

Tea Knife/Dinner Knife£0.25
Cake Fork/Dinner Fork£0.25
Fruit Spoon£0.25
Sugar Tongs£1.00
Serving Spoon£1.00
Large Cake Knife£1.50
Cake Slice£1.00

Lace/Crocheted Doiley£0.50
Cotton/Linen Napkin£0.50

Single Candlestick£2.50
Candelabra with Droppers£4.00
Selection of Vintage Books & Magazines£8.00
Bag of Pearls & Brooches£4.00

The Diamond Collection 
Whilst we are happy to charge the same hire fee for the Diamond Collection as our other designs, we will however charge a higher replacement fee should they become damaged, as they are more valuable and very difficult to source. Items which are part of the Diamond Collection will be clearly marked on the inventory. Please let us know if you would prefer not to receive any of these items in your hire package.


Afternoon Tea for Ten

10 cups, saucers & tea plates
2 milk jugs
2 sugar bowls
2 teapots
2 sandwich plates
1 two tier cake stand
10 teaspoons
10 cake forks

washing up included


complimentary petit four stand


Tea Party for Fifty

50 cups, saucers & tea plates
10 teapots, milk jugs & sugar bowls
5 two tier cake stands
5 sandwich plates
50 teaspoons & cake forks

washing up included


3 complimentary petit four stands


Celebration for One Hundred

100 cups, saucers & tea plates
20 teapots
20 milk jugs & sugar bowls
20 three tier cake stands
20 sandwich plates
100 teaspoons & cake forks

washing up included


See our Terms & Conditions for details.